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  • 1617344140-testimonial-vandana-.jpeg

    I have been using Prithvi Composters from past 10 months already. It is empowering to create along with nature and seeing nature at work. They are very good quality for the purpose.

    homemaker ; passionate about gardening and healthy cooking. I work as a chef at an organic market.
  • 1619443905-mask-group-min.png

    It has been 4 years since I started composting with Prithvi Composters. I find the whole process to be Easy, Hassle-free & Environment- friendly. The compost prepared works as a great health supplement for my vegetables and plants. Its regular use in the soil has improved the quality of my plants.

    Senior Officer in Haryana education board
  • 1619443912-mask-group-1-min.png

    This is so amazing...the little things about life but something so critical that completes the cycle of life...from your dustbin to the beginning of a new life, to supporting the entire ecosystem by feeding the birds and eliminating waste. It's a great concept...

  • 1619443936-mask-group-2-min.png

    Bhavya is 6 year old and super excited about the whole idea of composting. He shared the whole process of composting with his teacher and how the friends of the soil go again back into the soil. Well we are switching to zero waste as much as we can. It’s about time we do that.

  • 1618225003-pingrove-min.png

    Pinegrove is an educational institute and segregation of waste into saleable, biodegradable, non-biodegradable is being ensured. Biodegradable portion of the kitchen waste is being managed through natural composting techniques. Seventeen (17) Composter Drums or AAGAs, procured from M/s Vatama Solutions, are being used for natural composting. By addition of Cocopeat and Microbes, the waste gets converted into manure. Compost thus produced is being utilised to nurture the garden and field area within the school. The AAGAs have converted a liability (food waste) into a resource (manure). Hence the money being spent on disposal of organic waste has been saved. Moreover, the inhouse production of manure has saved the money being spent on buying it for the plantation on campus. Going further, a local farmhouse has shown interest in buying the manure produced from AAGAs, thus creating a potential source of revenue.

    Pinegrove School
  • 1619443945-mask-group-3-min.png

    Hi. Been composting since December. 

    The experience has been really satisfactory! Especially when one realises his much waste we were sending to the dumping grounds!

    Using the first two batches for potted plants and kitchen garden.

    Architect, teaching in Chandigarh College of Architecture
  • 1619443955-mask-group-4-min.png

    I've been composing for umpteen years now so much so that I don't even remember time without it . Saw daily dump composters at the local organic market and completely fell in love with them .After that a phone call was all it took and they completely took charge of setting it up and explaining the entire process of how to separate the wet waste and successfully generate compost .The compost that we harvest is like golden soil, rich in colour and nutrients. My flowers are brighter and more colourful, especially the roses and even the vegetables on my little terrace are abundant. The side benefit is I have so many tomato plants sprouting from the manure that I'm thinking distributing tomatoes.

  • 1619443958-mask-group-5-min.png

    5 years and continuing composting at home. 

    I use compost for my veggies n plants twice a month. I mix compost with soil and sand  for repotting. Plants love it.

  • 1617343971-testimonial-mona-cheema-.jpeg

    I have been composting for a year. It's been wonderful,I have been using the compost in my organic vegetables which I am growing at my home.

  • 1619443965-mask-group-6-min.png

    Composting for almost a year by now I have a feeling of satisfaction doing so & I am using Compost as manure for my lawn.

    Librarian at a school
  • 1617969779-testimonial-rajwantkaur.jpg

    I have been composting with Khamba for about one year now. I find composting very useful and beautiful. Rich compost is used for my plants

    Senior Officer in Haryana education board
  • 1617344097-testimonial-seema-sharma.jpeg

    If I can change the way I throw my garbage--will I make any difference?

    YES, I WILL. Here's why..

    If we all change the way we throw our garbage and get into the habit of composting, we can do our bit, and every little bit matters,

    I did my bit ... generated 13-15 Kg of compost out of my kitchen waste.

    YES!! it worked beautifully. Thank you Jyoti for introducing composting to me. I have been doing it for many years now and it is so part of our system at home.

    Entrepreneur - Nari in a Sari
  • 1617344121-testimonial-parul.jpeg

    The composter has been an integral part of our home for more than three years now. They are convenient, quick, and fruitful. The compost is used judiciously and generously in our kitchen garden and all the fruit trees in our home, with fabulous results.

    Senior Journalist Indian express
  • 1616477367-mask-group.png

    I've been composting since 1 year. My experience about composting is very satisfying. (as my leftovers didn't find their way to a landfill) I use the rich compost in our garden to grow plants and vegetables.