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Manage your waste effortlessly with us!

We inspire, educate and provide hands-on training to individuals, communities, institutes, corporates & businesses to MANAGE WASTE AT SOURCE!”

Our composters, designed by Daily Dump, are modern, aesthetic & connect one with nature. We promote a DECENTRALIZED way of managing waste which saves transport & labour. Our composters are designed to be placed closest to the point where waste is generated. The output- compost is a rich, nutritious & soilless medium to grow plants.

Let us join hands to make our environment healthy, clean & green. Don't trash the waste, make it into a resource.#AbseNoLandfill

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Solutions For All

Convert all your green waste into compost.

Easy-Peasy Composting


Are you wondering how you can compost at home? We have the best solution for YOU.


Are you a society, restaurant, institute, hospital or any organisation generating kitchen waste in large amounts! Our composters help you start your journey towards a zero-waste community.

Government Organisations

All government buyers can find our composters on Government E-Marketplace(GEM)

Know Your Waste

Do you have separate bins at your home?
Why do you need to segregate your waste?
Where does your waste land up?
Think again

Segregate Your Waste

Segregate & Compost at Source

Our easy to use composters convert all your organic waste- kitchen waste and garden waste into a rich compost. Adopt decentralized at-source composting method and grow organic.

Household Waste

Look for a composter that suits your place.

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Bulk Waste

Convert your wet waste into a resource.

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Brown Waste

No need to burn your dry leaves! Compost it.

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Vatama’s Stats


Homes & Communities Composting across North India


Kg of Waste is getting saved from reaching landfill daily


Kg of Compost is generated every month

Reimagining waste



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