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Wet waste to Black Gold

Do you know that the mixed bag that you throw is POISON! When organic waste reaches the landfill, it produces harmful emissions of methane- a greenhouse gas. Would you like to stop generating poison? Segregate,compost and earn green karma using our functional, practical, beautiful and innovative products specially designed for urban consumers.

Household Waste Solution

60% of our household waste is biodegradable & can be converted into rich compost! Our foolproof composters do magic to give you black gold- Compost at Home!

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Bulk Waste Solution

Do you have a hotel/ business/ marriage hall/ hospital/ institute which generates large amounts of kitchen waste on a daily basis? We have the finest SOLUTION for you!

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Brown Waste

Are you thinking what to do with the fallen dry leaves, grass clippings, garden cutting and dried flowers?Our leaf composters convert leaves into nourishing mulch and compost saving haulage and labour! Upgrade your Garden with our leaf composter. and make it delightful.

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