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VATAMA - My Story, Jyoti Arora

My Waste - My Responsibility

My tryst with Daily Dump started as a worthwhile pastime but slowly and surely it became a passion driven social mission and hence was born VATAMA SOLUTIONS . Founded in 2017, Vatama Solutions is a partner and now a North India distributor company of Daily Dump products. We have a number of successful installations in Delhi NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh. Our products have made an active change and contribution towards the betterment of the environment. It's been a constant endeavour to change the public mindset on waste and to recycle the waste to a nutrient rich compost and plough it back to the source - our Earth .

Daily Dump

In 2006, Poonam Bir Kasturi decided that the people of Bangalore had to change the way they thought about their garbage. Once leafy and idyllic, her home city was now smelly littered with rotting garbage hence Daily Dump came into being.

Daily Dump created India's first home composter called the Khamba. 60% of the total waste that every Indian household generates is biodegradable kitchen waste and hence, inherently full of nutrition. They found that a lot of money and resources were spent to transport and treat this nutrient rich material in the cities. And that is how the first prototype of the home composter was born. Composting is a natural process that has been perfected by the universe and natural systems in a profoundly evolutionary way. So, Daily Dump asked the question - what could be done to make composting a part of everyone's behaviour?

15 years on and today Daily Dump’s home composting solutions are used in 75,441 Indian households, keeping more than 56,000 kg of waste out of landfills daily! Their larger composting systems have also evolved over time and currently in use in over 600+ communities, hotels, institutions etc across the country. They have 70 Daily Dump outlets in 15 cities across the country and in the UAE and USA.

They have been awarded the Swachh Entrepreneurship award by the Govt of India, UN SEED low carbon award, the Lexus Design award, Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the year award amongst many more.

Manage your waste at Source

We offer affordable, effective and simple solutions, products and services to manage the wet waste and garden waste. We encourage systematic decentralised solutions.

We conduct workshops to sensitise and train people on segregation , recycling and composting. We also provide training on the usage of composters and hand hold the end user till the first harvest.

Vatama Solutions is proud of the tonnes of waste that has not been sent to the landfill and is happy to associate with individuals, companies, hotels, schools, societies, hospitals and banks which have joined hands with us in going green and helping the cause.

Composting Made Easy!

Waste Warriors

Jyoti Arora

Founder & Managing Partner

Ajay Arora

Partner & Think Tank

Pradeep Chadha

Senior Consultant- Delhi NCR

Diksha Bhardwaj

Himachal Consultant, Operations & Accounts Manager

Siya Jain

Punjab Consultant, Web Content Writer & Social Media Manager

Naresh Kumar

Service Assistant